_DSC7431In 1945 Arnold Silvers began recycling metals in the Chicago area. Little did he realize he was forging a path that would be developed as a profession for the Silvers family, across three generations, two continents, and a world of expanding technology.

In 1974, his son Avraham graduated from Arizona State University and decided to establish a new company in Phoenix which would focus on developing new methods for extracting precious metals from the growing stream of computer and electronic parts that were just beginning to flood the market. The company became an important component of the US semiconductor industry.

In 1989 Avraham decided to found EMS Israel, realizing that Israel was fast becoming a powerhouse in the fields of hi tech and electronics and that the company’s international expertise in electronics recycling would be a highly important in devising responsible, customized solutions for industrial waste problems for the industry.

Today, EMS continues to pioneer new methods for the extraction and salvaging of precious materials as well designing and implementing end to end management solutions of e-cycling for electronics, telecommunications, and military devices.