EMS offers clients a comprehensive, end to end solution for electronics recycling. This begins with working to together to define a management plan that conforms to the latest regulations and streamlines the way the company will deal with its electronics waste.

There are many industrial, medical, and government sectors, which produce waste materials containing valuable metals that can be recovered. By collecting and salvaging these materials, the EMS recycling process decreases waste mass for landfills, promotes environmental protection and generates income for business and organizations, more than offsetting the cost of meeting environmental protection regulations.


We specialize in working with the following kinds of business:

  • Electronics manufacturers and assemblers
  • Telecommunication and cellular industries
  • Metal paste manufactures
  • Jewelry and dental alloys manufacturers
  • Defense industries
  • Hospital and dental laboratories


If you do not see your business represented on this list, give us a call. We are always interested in evaluating new industries for their recycling potential.